Why online pilot logbook?

The question is best answered in three parts:

Why electronic?

Logbook Safety —  A traditional logbook can be lost to causes natural or unnatural. With an electronic logbook you can print out as many copies as you want. Also, see below how we ensure the data on the servers.

Neatness counts. When hand-writing entries, invariably one makes mistakes and then have to resort to either scribbling or an ink-eraser — neither of which results in neat pages. With an electronic logbook, you can edit as many times as you want and still get neat uniform pages every time you print.

Totalling Columns —  One of the biggest pains with a traditional logbook is adding up the columns and carrying the totals forward. With an electronic logbook - automatic!

Why online?

Accessibility from any PC or web-device that has internet access. In the future we plan to offer pages specifically designed for smartphones thereby allowing you to make your entries as soon as the flight is over.

Zero Startup. Web interface means no software installation, updates and need to learn a new user-interface. The entire site is designed in a simple clean interface to get the job done.

Automatic Backup. Database is backed-up automatically nightly. You might be using a PC based logbook software right now...but how often do you backup the data?

Why MyOnlineLogbook.com?

Data Safety. We realize that a logbook is important to all pilots. We back-up the database nightly on three different servers. All the servers are in different physical locations. If something catastrophic should happen to the main server, we can rebuild it within days from the backup database.

Customization. With editable columns and reports, have your logbook look just right for your needs. You can use your personal images as logbook backgrounds.

Reasonable Subscription Rate. Subscribe for $36 USD per year. Some airline scheduling add-ons could cost more.

Free 3-month/25-entry trial offer. Register for free and try out the site...no obligations.

Register here for a free 3-month trial offer.

Still not sure? Maybe this Q&A will help you decide.

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