Welcome United Pilot

This site allows you to maintain your logbook online. With a few mouse clicks, you can import pairings from CCS into your logbook. The only columns you have to fill out are the landings, IMC and night times.

You can also optionally choose to import Final-Pay-Register data. For Continental pilots, all the way back to mid-2002†.

Once imported, you can view your logbook online, search and generate .pdf reports. Here's an example of what your logbook could look like. Just print it, take it to Kinkos to bind it and you're done!

If after reading more about the features offered, you decide to register - it's important that you register using the link below.

This allows the system to know that you're a CCS user. It also automatically creates fleet aircraft definitions, a Turbine column and enables the CCS import feature.

United pilot - register here
† Continental moved the Pay-Register data to coair.com. We plan to make it compatible soon.